Company history

The history of EF-TEK and the team that makes up the company is inextricably linked to the processes that began in the Russian energy sector in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.

There was almost no large-scale construction of thermal power plants (TPPs) in Russia during the twenty-year period from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s. During this period, the USSR's potential to build such complex facilities was practically lost, and the experience gained in the planned economy was not always useful for modern engineering. In addition, generation technologies in Russia lagged behind those of the world's leading countries, and the power machine building industry was in decline. For example, combined cycle and gas turbine technologies, which were well known in theory to Soviet power engineers from the beginning of the 20th century, by the end of the 20th century began to dominate in the world power industry using gas fuel, with the exception of the USSR and Russia.

It was necessary to recreate branch of construction of thermal power plant in the middle of the 2000th years practically from scratch.. Domestic design, construction, erection and commissioning companies, foreign engineering companies, manufacturers of main equipment and EPC-contractors from Europe, USA, Japan, China participated in the process. Investments were an acceleration factor for the industry recreation, which came into Russian power economy in the result of its reforming. Foreign investors becoming the owners of the largest power generating companies brought international practice of engineering and project management. Teams made of experts with mixed Soviet-European experience acquired great value on the market, as they could speak one language (including in literal sense – English, German) with all parties participating in the projects.

Team of EF-TEK experts has actively participated in this process since 2007. We took part in the first international tender procedure organization for thermal power plant turn-key construction. We took part in the first foreign basic projects adjusted to the requirements of Russian rules and regulations, we supervised over the first piles driving of new power units operating now. Director General of EF-TEK, LLC Andreas Berndt who finished postgraduate studies in Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering and who by the year 2007 had nearly twenty years of experience on the plant construction sites in Eastern and Western Germany, countries of the Middle East and Asia managed to gather enthusiastic specialists with all-around education and working experience.

Our team was one of the originators of the Owner’s Engineer (Technical Agent) Institute in RAO UES of Russia. Our experts assisted construction projects of new power units from the beginning of construction up to starting operations at power plants in Tyumen, Shatura, Yayva, Surgut, Kolpino, Vologda, Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Nyagan and other cities in the interests of the largest power companies – E.ON Russia, Fortum, TGK-2, Siberian Generating Company, etc. During the years of teamwork dozens of business-plans and feasibility studies were elaborated, about 100 Due Diligences of investment projects and dozens of Due Diligence of operating units (including due to accidents) were made.

In autumn 2012 the company EF-TEK started to operate actively with key team members on the staff. Based on experience and reputation accumulated by our experts during the latest years, we aim at the reputation for the company EF-TEK among constant and new customers.