Design and estimation works

Based on the accumulated experience, the EF-TEK team performs project design works in the following areas:

  • Architecture;
  • Construction solutions;
  • Low-voltage systems; 
  • Heating and ventilation;
  • Water supply;
  • Water disposal;
  • Technical solutions for solar power plants (SPP), wind power plants (WPP) with power generation calculations (using PVsyst and WindPro software).;
  • Fire protection systems;
  • Building management plan, demolition management plan.

EF-TEKs specialists carry out pre-project inspection of objects with measurement works, creation of a digital model of buildings and structures (based on measurement works or BTI plans), works to determine the condition of building structures and residual resource of engineering and technological equipment.

Designing performs at all stages: design and working documentation. In some cases pre-design feasibility study is carried out.

At the pre-project stage, the Customer may be presented with invariant solutions for the project realization, with recommendations, indication of risks in the project realization, development of the terms of reference, as well as with a preliminary estimate of the project realization cost.

Design works is performed in various industry areas, including energy, civil engineering.

During design works, preference is given to solutions corresponding to modern trends, economically feasible solutions meeting the requirements of normative and technical documents.

EF-TEK LLC is a member of the association of self-regulating organizations for the preparation of project documentation, including especially dangerous and technically complex facilities.

design works is performed by specialists certified by specialized agencies, including:

  • In the national register of NOPRIZ specialists;
  • Attestation of individuals for the right to design fire safety facilities for buildings and structures that are commissioned by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Design works are carried out in compliance with normative and technical documents, as well as taking into account the industry specifics of the object, with the preparation of detailed statements of work, reflecting the full cost of the object.